Hello, and welcome to Ian's Chip Tricks page. This is the only page on the web that teaches the moves on video for ease of learning. If this is your first visit, you will need Real Player 8 to watch the clips. If you are returning, welcome back, and watch out soon for changes and news about the page. Oh, and spread the word :)

The new CD Basic Chip Tricks is now available. Please read this page before continuing. Thanks.

I hope you can learn from these. As ever, all comments are welcomed at m@gician.info or you can post in the forum. Take care, Ian

is the pickup move.(1.3M)

is the first weave method.(1.5M)

Here is the second weave method.(900K)

is the twirl move.(1.8M)

is the pull over move.(1.6M)

is the Triple Twirl move.(900K)

is the Reverse Twirl move.(1.2M)

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