My new CD, Basic Chip Tricks, is now available. I've tried to anticipate some of the questions that might crop up about it, so please take a few moments to read through the list:

Q: What is on the CD?
A: There are a number of video lessons on the basic chip tricks in an HTML front end, and also a VideoCD image that will play on most DVD players.

Q: What, you mean the same tricks that are taught on your main Chip Tricks page?
A: Well, there are a couple of tricks that are not explained on the website, but basically, yes.

Q: Do you think we're mad? Why should we pay for lessons that are already up for free?
A: I'm glad you asked that one. There are a few reasons, which I'll try to explain now;

1. On the Web videos I am limited to around two minutes (maximum) to explain the moves. Often this is not quite enough, and I found myself missing out certain bits of information. With the CD I am able to go into more detail about each move.
2. For the Web videos I used a bitrate of around 150kbps, which although watchable, was not ideal. On the CD I have used a bitrate of 350kbps which is a lot clearer, and the VCD image is MPEG-1, or near VHS quality.
3. I put the free clips up about six months ago, and I did not charge for them. They are (to my knowledge) the only teaching clips on the web at the moment (as opposed to a demonstration video and text file) and each of them has been downloaded well over a thousand times. If you have downloaded my clips and found them useful, you can give something back by ordering the CD.
4. However, I will not be taking down the free clips. If you do not want to give something for the knowledge and continue to use the free stuff, that's fine.

Q: OK, what are the benefits of buying the CD?
A: Well, better video quality, more detailed instruction, a couple of extra tricks, everything on one CD and a warm, pink fluffy feeling for repaying the work I've put into making this site.

Q: How much is the CD, then?
A: The CD is ten pounds including postage. Payment by PayPal is preferred, but if you can't use PayPal I also accept Amazon.co.uk gift vouchers. Just make sure to send the voucher to m@gician.info and put your details in the message box.
You should also send me an email with your address (which won't fit in the Amazon box...)

Q: Right I've read enough. Take me back to the lessons.
A: OK. Click here.