Hello, and welcome to Ian's How to Juggle page. Here are some lessons on how to juggle three balls, based on the same method I've used to teach many people to juggle over the years. When you get the hang of that, you can try the NEW lessons, on club juggling and the famous Mills' Mess three ball trick.
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Three Ball Juggling:
Introduction Does what it says on the tin (1 Meg)
The Stance How to stand, honestly (1 Meg)
One Ball Starting with one ball (2 Meg)
Two Balls Adding that pesky second ball (2.6 Meg)
The Jug Don't laugh, it's important (2.6 Meg)
Three Balls At last, something impressive (1.8 Meg)
Three Balls, part two Moveing on now (1 Meg)
Finishing That didn't hurt, did it? (2 Meg)

Introduction Let's look at a club (2 Meg)
One Club That'll be one club, then (1.3 Meg)
Two Clubs And another club (1 Meg)
Three Clubs With a little help from Ben (800K)

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Mills' Mess:
Introduction What's it all about, then? (1.2 Meg)
One Ball Getting a sense of deja vu... (900K)
Two Balls Getting warmer... (1.9 Meg)
Mills' Mess Holy Shit! We're doing it! (1M)

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